Take Me To The Island

Summer and Greek islands are coming together.
I've been traveling to the Aegean sea islands from my early years as a teenager... i used to be a backpacker, only a terrible one! As i could never decide what and how many clothes to pack for the days away from home, i used to travel carrying literally my closet with me. Also, we never used to worry about where we would stay. It was a kind of a small adventure to get on a ship, arrive long after midnight and start looking for a place to sleep. It was crazy but it was fun!

These days i try to carry only what is really necessary for me  - translation: books and magazines, bathing suits, my favorite pieces of jewelry, sun protector, my phone, Samsung note and my camera and just a few pieces of the lighter clothes i own. Yep! That is all, i can carry my holiday stuff in one small suitcase and spend two weeks like this. And that's the thing about this season, we need so little things around us, cause the sun and the sea are the only summer essentials!

Enjoy your weekend in the city or anywhere!
Love, K.

images via cocoandsilk