Still In Amorgos

These are our last days in the island and we are trying to enjoy everything!
One of the most challenging things we did was to climb, yes climb to Hozoviotissa Monastery, 300m up with no shadow and high temperature, it made the whole thing an extreme sport action!!! The building is literally built into the rock, structured by emperor Alexios Komninos during 11th century and it is dedicated to Virgin Mary. It is so hard to go up and down - the steps are very slippery - the place, the only thing you can think the moment you are back is to put your head into the coolest water, to the nearest beach.
The small beach of Mouros, called Mouraki - a small path left from the main beach -  was the best choice, just us and ten more people, the most beautiful sea bottom and deep blue waters!
Amorgos is a winner when it comes to Mediterranean food, we tasted amazing dishes in the smallest villages, not easy to believe..

Amorgos has managed to keep a good balance between simple and stylish, relaxed and sophisticated, pure or tourist style, depends on what everyone is looking for. This is not the place where the locals will remember your name from day two, they are far too busy to do so, but it is certainly the island with the witter white of day light and one of the best sunsets you will ever see!

Enjoy the rest of summer whatever you do
Love, K.

images by cocoandsilk, last image final touch Fotis Karapiperis