Summer Holiday Unexpected

Wandering around the Greek islands is always a wonderful experience during summer. I mean there are no many places in the world that you can enjoy such a wonderful coast line and friendly beaches, simple local food and amazing views. Yet sometimes, unexpected situations can drive us crazy when they happen the moment we start to relax and feel we found our small piece of heaven on earth. Small annoying things, better look at them from the funny side.

Annoying thing one: Lack of water - yep, you come home after a day in the sun, burned like the holy turkey and saltier than a sardine in a tin. You need to bath, you need to feel the water run onto your poor body...but...surprise...either there is no water at all or it's so poor in pressure it's like someone is spiting on to your face! It's not often but it happens, better take a bottle of water and let the salt leave, you can enjoy a nice bath after 1am when the rest of the island people are outside eating and drinking :-)

Annoying thing two: Local festive nights - panigiria. Unless you are the kind of person who likes to dance under the same tune for 10 or more hours, this can be your hell after a while! I am Greek and still, the max i can handle is two - three hours of listening, after this i get pretty nervous. The other night we had to listen to the local 'panigiri' music till 5am and it was not fun...then again it might be only me, most of the people really seem to enjoy this or at least they look like doing so... Try to stay to a village away from the big August celebrations so you can leave when you like to, otherwise         :-(

Annoying thing three: Breakfast, unless you are staying in a very good hotel or pension or you choose to eat breakfast by your own, it is the worst meal of the day in the island! I am sooooo fed up with the bad quality bread, small plastic - a big hate -  tins of  marmalade and Lurpak butter, ready made -  more sugary than sugar itself - orange juice and the owner of the hotel counting our bites... so bad mannered, so unprofessional! There is no way to get me smile here, i just can't stand it, especially when i pay 120-150 euro per night for a room! To be honest this is not a Greek phenomenon, the worst breakfast memory i have comes from a London hotel, years ago, the manager was so stressed for the amount of bread the guests wished to eat, we stopped getting down for breakfast day two, afraid he might have had a heart attack! :-)

On the other hand, i know there is nothing better than taking a distance from everything once in a while so, no matter what happens, summer breaks and every kind of escaping are always a great fun, the best way to recharge and detox ourselves from the year's pressure. Long live summer!!!

Love, K.

 images by cocoandsilk