Make My Friday - Welcome To Amorgos

So, here we are in Amorgos island!
We left Donousa a few days ago (with the biggest grief, my God i loved this island!) and sailed to Amorgos which is only an hour away.
Amorgos is certainly a different place, boutique hotels, one big resort hotel and high quality small pensions can be found  in every village. The island is also amazingly beautiful, with the strongest white light i have ever met! Chora, the capital, is the biggest village and it's so picturesque, it is a joy to wander between the small narrow roads where you can find a big number of coffee shops and restaurants serving local food.
Amorgos is also perfect for night life, especially in Aegiali where many young people choose to stay, the night lives long!
Amorgos has many beaches to the north and south side of the island, so there is always a place to enjoy the sea, no matter how strong the wind may be, and so many small hidden bays ("colpakia" is the Greek word) you can approach from a small path if you are willing to leave the car and walk for 10 to 20 min on foot, sounds easy but sometimes it's not...
Amorgos is the kind of place that can capture your heart forever, i met a lot of people who is visiting the island for the last ten or even more years. The French seem to be the majority of Europeans to visit the place, maybe because of the film . 
Life here is sweet and easy, i love to have a late breakfast , work a little - sad but true - and then have a small wander around a village to get photos before we end up to the beach where we usually stay till very late! It is one of the best things i can imagine , see the sun sinking into the blue waters while there is nobody else left and you can enjoy swimming in total peace and harmony with nature, this is a true gift!

Stay tuned for more island life!
Have a lovely weekend

Love, K.

images by cocoandsilkfilm