Make My Friday - August I Love You

Some of the people i know love August, some others hate it!
August is officially the last month of summer, the heat is getting kinder, the days are getting smaller, grapes are sweeter, Athens is full of tourists spending their days wandering confused around the city center and 80% of the Athenians are traveling to the Aegean sea or to their pretty mountain villages. Ok, maybe you have already guessed....i love August! 
If i was a writer i would certainly had written a book about this cursed month. August is like a hopeless love affair, the more it tortures you the more addicted you get to it. Maybe that's because it wears the veil of separation, the days of summer innocence are about to end and a new battle is about to start. To my mind August is always connected with an end, a circle is closed and a new one is opening every September, but still we have this month to let our soul, body and spirit  fly away to the unlimited time of summer sloth, with no plans, no ugly thoughts, no anxiety, no stress, cause it's impossible to think in August, you can and you must  only  feel!

See you in Donoussa Island
Love, K.

images via tumblr.com