Donousa Island - A Hidden Gem

Donousa is not Mykonos, it is not Santorini or even Paros. It is somewhere between south Italy and Corsica and Greece, fifteen to twenty years ago! No resort hotels, no beach bars and no fancy restaurants here. There is a small fish village together with one or two even smaller residential areas -5 to10 houses- and one main road that crosses the island from one edge to the other. The island is so pure with an untouched natural beauty it is hard to believe! I could never have imagined i could swim in a 'private' beach during August when the rest of the islands are literally sinking from the crowds of tourists!
Last night, after we had enjoyed the sea, we ended up in a tavern in the middle of nowhere, having a wonderful dinner (all the vegetables from the owner's organic garden) and i could not stop looking at the sky that was so amazingly light and clean, i could practically see the galaxy! I had a wonderful feeling that i was standing in a small piece of earth, a hidden gem, a small pearl that had not been destroyed yet, pure, raw and untouched and so, so beautiful!
Donousa is not the prettiest star, the village is poor, the small white houses are far away from the usual villas but we stayed in a very sweet room, clean and cool and so quite we really had the most restful sleep.
After working almost 12 hours a day this was the perfect break and a true discovery !

Enjoy your day
Love, K.

images by cocoandsilk - no photoshop