Donousa You Stole My Heart

We are sailing to Amorgos island today but here is where i leave my heart. 
Our days here were calm and restful, i could not have enough of the strong blue that comes around every corner of the island. 
If you ever visit Donousa it is really worth to discover the island following the walking paths , up and down the hills, it might be a bit challenging to do so under the summer sun, but the beauty of the island is the best reward! And if you are a yoga lover it is hard to believe, but you will be able to have yoga classes with Giovanni and Zoe - ask for info - under an open tent brought to the island from Africa and all the place full of fabrics brought from India, to the west side of the island while the sun is sinking! My partner tried it and it was an amazing experience!
Donousa is a place to detox from everything today's century. Crystal clear waters, cold enough to make your skin feel the chill, wonderful organic food from the locals' gardens, fresh fish, the air smelling like rosemary - it's everywhere - and most of the island's areas with no access to mobile service! If a person like me, addicted to the Internet can fell in love with this place, this must tell you something.

See you in Amorgos

Love, K.

images by cocoandsilk - no photoshop