Escape To Art

This last weekend was a madness.
I had to work from early day till very late and not under the best environment. 
Thanks to my good luck, my partner and a very good friend of mine, I was escaping every night - after finishing work - to the land of art, it was the perfect brain clearance after a terrible day!

So many times i have spoken about art and how important is to everyone of us, art is healing, it is a strong medicine for our brain and our soul and an endless source of inspiration and power.

This week is going to be pretty busy also, not to complain, i am going to have a small trip in the middle of the month and i am so happy about it. Although it is a business trip, i really need some days away from my always beloved Athens!

February came with the best of intentions, an amazing day in Athens, looks like spring is already here... so i wish you a wonderful month and let it be an artful one!

Love, K.