My Friday - Cocoandsilk Summer Collection

Ok, i know,
patience is not my stronger thing, and even though we are not yet ready with the photos, it is impossible for me not to give you a small taste of what it is to come.

This collection is a totally summer in the city philosophy, think work during the day and just relax with a summer cocktail during the evening in one of the city's beautiful places, wearing your cotton or linen or silk city uniforms and feel beautiful every hour!

Plans for this season are big, a summer campaign is on the way and many more, even a flagship store is soon to be ready and i am having all these wonderful plans to run the brand , i receive so much love from our clients, really thank you guys you are amazing!
A few days ago we even made our first sale in Australia, how exciting can this be?

Words are not enough to thank all the people who worked with cocandsilk

I wish a wonderful weekend to all of you
Love, K

p.s greek salad sandals love you!

Images by Fotis Karapiperis, edited by cocoandsilk