Summer Collection And Summer Mood

In a world of imaginary i would only work for everything summer - y. Light silk dresses, long cotton tunics, loose pants to wear barefoot, transparent tops and linen jackets, and you know what? I would be totally happy!

When i finished this summer's collection and had my first samples ready, the whole studio looked like June had come suddenly after Christmas. I could happily wear almost all of them if i wouldn't look like the crazy woman who wears ivory silk pants in the middle of winter...crazy yes, but so elegant!
Don't get me wrong, i love wool especially when mixed with silk :)) but to my opinion,
 nothing compares to the lightness and softness of cotton, silk, linen and all these amazingly lovable summer fabrics!

Now i can hear you snow lovers, i know you can not share my passion for hot days but i can't help it, just give me a free sunny day to walk around the city wearing my light dress with a pair of sandals and that's it, i'm happy! Maybe it's on my Greek DNA but everything looks so much perfect on summer! 

Coming back to the reality of February, here we have a new week to run and it is not going to be the easiest one, so i really wish you a fresh new start and a lovely Monday and let's just hope it is going to be a sunny one!

Love, K.

images by Fotis Karapiperis