My Friday - Three Days In Paris

It's been one year since I visited Paris, remember this post loooong  ago!
Now this year i was visiting for the same reason / Premier Vision / only this time i was totally alone with too many things to do, extremely limited time to work and a bloody cold weather!

I left Athens in a warm spring early morning and found myself a few hours later in deep winter! But Paris is always Paris, nothing not to love about this city, although i was literally crashing on my bed every night, i had a lovely walk (a few hours before i left) in Montmartre while snowing, had the most wonderful hot chocolate, ate French onion soup, drank a lot of wine, did dome shopping for C. and most of all i met some of the best fabric agents during the show, i was so in love with what i saw, i still dream of colours and silkies!

I have to admit i was not in the best mood when i left Athens, i was very stressed with all the work i left behind and for leaving my girl, maybe i am a pathetic mother, i just can't help it! But the moment i set foot on the exhibition centre, i could not stop dreaming of new designs, new fabrics, new everything, i was living a creative fever! 

Came back totally overloaded and full of wonderful moment to think about. so one thing has left for me to say: i will be there next year again, Paris you got me!

Have a most beautiful weekend
Love, K.

images by cocoandsilk