My Friday - This Can Better, Or Not?

Today we are working on cocoandsilk summer collection, photoshooting...all afternoon and probably till night.
When you work on something you have invested so much soul and passion, you are always very stressful about the final result. I strongly trust my people but can't stop wondering... are we going to manage and pass the message, what this new collection is about and if a single photograph can capture the philosophy behind each piece? Truth is, it can't... Is this disappointing? Hell yes, but we have to be practical, no one can spend a whole day just to get one pic, unless you are a heavy brand!

Small fashion brands are fighting with uncounted difficulties to survive, retailers are tough, fabric factories and dealers do not give you a normal price unless you stock fabric for the next two decades, magazines are asking half your life to make a small commend about your work and almost no one  really pays any attention to what you are trying to do till the moment you become ''someone''...

Then you can ask, why any rational human being will decide to work for fashion? 
I guess there is only one answer....cause it's passion, something that you love to do every day, no matter all the difficulties and no matter the risk.

See you on Monday,
Love, K.