Backstage video

cocoandsilk photoshoot backstage from konstantina alveratsidou on Vimeo.

Hi there, 
I really can't wait to share some backstage moments with you, so no matter the quality of light and the way I was trying to get a video between running up and down to help with the process, this a raw material before anything else is ready and i looove to upload it here so you can enjoy the hidden moments of the photoshoot.

It is my turn to thank my wonderful photographer and good friend Mr Fotis Karapiperis, for all the support and good work
Mr Dimitris Grammatikoyiannis and Ethical Ode, my stylist and voice of inspiration
Mrs Jelena Doncic and Ace Models for being so helpful and kind
and Studio Verve where the photoshoot took place

A very warm ''thank you'' to Greek Salad Sandals  and Fish Bone Design for their kind offer!

Thank you all!

Enjoy the video,
Love, K.