Make My Friday, Creative People - Emmanuel Tsakiris

Bringing a new business to life and starting from scratch is not easy weasy . These days i live under too much pressure as i am trying to create something new, something that i absolutely love and it has been a dream for a long time and now....well... it's becoming reality.

To start with i have to say this...you all know my love to anything Australian or should i say Oceanic, see herehere, and here, so it was like a magic coincidence when i decided to work with Mr Emmanuel Tsakiris (also here), a fabulous graphic designer who lives and works in Australia. Although we  had never worked together in the past, it was such a pleasure to work with him, he was very kind and helpful , he absolutely understood what it was about and the aesthetics of my new company and everything went so well!
Another thing is that Mr Tsakiris is very tight with his time limits and when he says: "this will be ready in three days'', he really means it, which is such a relief for his client! Needless to say that he is so very creative, you will find out by seeing his projects.

For COCOANDSILK he created some amazing logos, i really had a hard time to pick only one but finally i made my mind up and i am sooo excited, i finally have the logo i hoped for and my team is  ready to start all the paper work, along with the web design.

I wish i could show  you the one i finally chose but i would like to keep it as a surprise, everything will be ready in the next three months, oh! I am so looking forward to it!!!
Till then, i would like to thank Mr Tsakiris for being such a professional!

Thank you Emmanuel for the wonderful work and how easy you made it. It was a pleasure to work with you and i would definitely do it again!

Do have a lovely weekend!
Love, K.

Image credits  designeremmanuel.com