Spring, spring come soon

I bought the UK Vogue last week and this photo shoot made me beg for the spring to come.

It is always happening (to me), a week or two after Christmas and i can't stand the winter any longer, I'm desperate for the warm spring days - and nights! Also i am so bored from the dark colours of winter clothing....give me some brightness pleeease....

Ok, i know i must be patient, we have the sale period coming, but why on earth buy wool and warm clothing when you can have the new line on your doorstep in a few weeks from now? This is always my doubt and i know it sounds stupid
but well... it is the truth.

Anyway, for those of you who are much more ground minded than i am, i suppose, here are some wonderful photos coming from the British Vogue, the model is Edie Campbell and the photographer is the magnificent Patrick Demarchelier (he is my favorite).

Love, K.

P.S You can also check this link for the wonderful job of Spanish photographer Yago Partal -  Magda thanks for the support.