Room Refresh

They say when women are stressed, or depressed or bored, they go to a hair salon. I do not know if this is true but i can tell you what i usually do:
i refresh my room or even worse the whole house.

It is not unusual for my partner and my daughter to wake up and see all the furniture of the sitting room in a different position, or countless color brochures on the coffee table to help me choose which shade to color the room (poor creatures eeeeh wait them or me?)....

Nevertheless my dears i insist, no matter the work (and believe me it is hard work even thought i suspect you know) the result is always rewardingthat is until the next crisis.

So the next time you may feel stressed with something instead of going to the hairdresser or buy a chocolate box why don't you ignore the usual and grab the paint brush for a change. And do not worry, if the color is not what you had in mind you can always e-mail me  and  i will help you gladly.
Come again? Did you call me a decor freak????

Love, K.