Biba was a London based fashion store of the 1960's and 1970's.

Opened by the Polish born Barbara Hulanicki the shop offered low price outfits, also available to the public by mail order.

The first success of Biba's postal boutique came in 1964 when a dress offered to the readers of Daily Mirror.

The first shop opened in Abingdon Rd and had a major success. After several moves in 1974 the store finally moved to a seven leveled department store which attracted up to a million customers every week.

The design of Big Biba had the smell of the golden age of Hollywood. The Biba look was consisted on what Hulanicki called 'auntie colors', mostly dark shades described by Hulanicki as 'looking like a funeral'.
Biba's logo became a recognizable picture, every product had the logo on it.

The shop wrote its story in the fashion industry and in 1977 was closed. Biba's closing sale is mentioned in the lyrics of the Pet Shop Boys song 'Requiem in Denim and Leopardskin'

You can read more about Biba here 

Love, K.