Auckland, New Zealand

A few months ago we decided to have a very loooong trip, in fact it is the longest you can have unless you decide to visit Antarctica.

I had heard so many times how beautiful this place was but the truth is that New Zealand  is the most amazing place i have ever seen and  people are the kindest i have ever met (Irish included).

We rented a house for 15 days - and this made us feel like locals for a while - and we also rented a car to travel as much as possible around Auckland. Also we were very lucky to meet the wonderful Greek community (we had been visiting during the orthodox Easter) and spent some emotional hours with them.

Auckland (and around) is a magical place, water and volcanoes are everywhere, so is the good food (unbelievable) and of course the beauty of nature.

Our home was located in Ponsonby  area, so lucky to have Ripe at our doorstep, which spoiled us a lot. The days passed away so fast we could not believe and my only consolation is that one day i will go back again cause a part of my heart has been left behind....

Love, K.