Charming 40's

Although the 40's had been shadowed by WWII it is an attractive and influential period.

The movie industry for example gave amazing films like Casablanca or The Great Dictator.

Music names like Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin, Edith Piaf and many others shined during the 40's.

Fashion also even if it fell to a background because of the war, managed to survive and some trends were seen even in this dark era.

Because of the war European fashion was no longer available in the States and as a resalt American designers became well known. Synthetic fabrics like nylon - used to make stockings- became popular.  Women used their imagination and capability to transform their clothes and reuse them. Colors like grey, dark green, brown and deep maroon were available for popular use.

Even today we can see many fashion designers flirting with this style and we love it. It is intriguing to play with older trends and create a fresh style.

I leave you with some very inspirational photos.

Love, K.