Christian Lacroix

I love Christian Lacroix.
I love his amazing color combinations, his mythical gypsy creations, the way he dresses his models, in fact i love everything he has done, his stationary collection included. 

Mr Lacroix with every collection he showed, managed to electrify the fashion industry.

Lacroix was born in southern France and he studied Art History. He opened his own haute couture house in 1987. His inspirations were always over the top and has been accused that he seem not to understand  what women need to wear while working - frankly who cares?

Unfortunately the house from 1987 had many loses. Lacroix's A/W 2009 haute couture was privately financed by himself. His costume designs for the opera, theater, dance and music were displayed at the exhibition '' Christian Lacroix Costumier'' at the National Museum of Singapore in 2009. In 2011 he started collaborating with the Spanish firm (Barcelona based) Desigual.

Love, K.