Today i will make an exception from the 'make my Friday' post.

It was Wednesday evening and i was driving down town to the opening of 'Brides' exhibition at Benaki Peiraios str. The air was full of a wonderful smell coming from the orange trees and the whole atmosphere seemed to be in a romantic mood for the bridal thing.

The exhibition is very interesting with gowns and bridal dresses from the previous century till the 70's.

''The white wedding gown was established by choice in Greece as well as in all Western world counties by Queen Victoria of Great Britain. (there is also an upcoming exhibition in London).
She was married in 1840 and chose to use her favorite white lace for her wedding dress. The official bridal photograph was published and became widely known.''

The exhibition is going to last till the 6th of April and the last day is going to happen a fashion gala with young girls wearing the beautiful dresses.

Unfortunately i missed the cocktail party after  the official opening as i had to pick up my daughter .

Not to be missed.

Love, K.