Addicted to Amazon

I have told you many times for my addiction to books. My last purchase from Amazon uk is so full of beautiful stuff and books to kill for...
First of all i am in a DIY phase and also it's been some years that i like to prepare the present i give, on my own. That means i buy my paper and ribbon and i find great pleasure to make personalized gift boxes or bags  for my friends. Aside from this i have also purchased a wonderful e-course  - 52 Weeks of Art Journalism - from my favorite site A Beatiful Mess and I'm so excited about it! Doing the job i will need a lot of washi tape and stickers and ribbon and stuff that  - although you may find it hard to believe - was not easy for me to find in Athens, at least not the kind i liked. Amazon is a great source of everything i want and in numerous kinds and the books had been waiting in my wish list for many months (unfortunately my wish list is still full of books waiting for better financial days) so since this month i have my birthday, name day and Easter i decided to order them....correction...some of them.
I'm so full of ideas and ready to learn new things, try new concepts in my work and experiment with different stuff of my life, this is my spring creative fever.
I hope to share with you all the things that i will bring to my life and to make this blog a more creative place for all.

PS: If you know any place - store in Athens i can find interesting papers, ribbon, washi tape, gift tags, gift paper boxes and other please let me know, I'll be grateful.

Love, K.
You know how many hours i spent to find paper straws? I could not find them anywhere but Amazon. I think they will match perfect with my summer homemade lemonade.