Title your Fashion

They say that fashion imitates life. This time Vogue Japan has published fashion photographs where the models are playing  roles of different aspects of life -  the vogue way. The result is perfect  and the photos are intriguing, sometimes dark and others girlie and sexy. 
It is not the first time that fashion photographers are trying to create this connection between untrue and reality and even though the model is somehow beyond our everyday way of living - the product HAS to convince and look wearable. After all it was Karl Lagerfeld himself who made his models walk into a super market like stage, during the fall/winter 2014 Chanel show. And if this may look too much to some of us , perhaps we can get inspired and try to change the -sometimes boring- reality by changing the way we approach things . Let's intrigue ourselves for a change!

Love, K.
all photos via vogue japan