Reuse that old Frame (DYI ideas)

Last week i went for a walk down to Monastiraki area. This is something that does not usually include my plans for a walk as most of the times it is very crowded and also here in Greece the flea market culture is not so spread and developed, (no treasure hunting in this city).
Monastiraki paraphernalia

As i was walking i saw a beautiful old frame that was on sale and the price was very tempting. I had no idea what to do with it after i brought it home and so i searched -  with the help of the ultimate tool, aka ''internet'', to get some ideas. I found some very clever and stylish ideas that i really liked. As for my frame, i painted it in a light mint green color, had an old piece of wallpaper inside and i had a picture of me and a friend stuck on it. Believe me it was pretty amazing and like my friend told me, it was the most beautiful birthday present she got for years  - ta ta!

Here is what i found
Love, K.

 I think i'm gonna try this one, next time...

all photos via pinterest