Beauty in the Detail

Many times i have asked myself what is it really that makes a house truly beautiful,a joy to live in, while other spaces look so unfriendly and at no interest.  Well, i think it is the detail...not the fancy frame kind of detail many of us confuse, but the personal detail, the touch of love we put into our homes to make them really so special. A house is a temple of love, where friends and family share good (or bad, or difficult) moments, love, cry, wonder, plan, in other words share a life. 
I have been in houses i did not wanted to leave - ever - and into others where i was counting moments and seconds till it was time to leave without being unkind.

For me the most important detail is the shade of color one uses throughout the house to play, the textures, flowers, smells, candles, mementos, photos, everything with a personal point of view, chosen carefully with love. That's why we can not really 'built' a house in no time, it is a long procedure, something we do every day and this is what makes our homes be part of our personality, part of our lives.

Love, K.

photos via elmueble.com