London, Day two

Hi there! It looks cloudy today but i believe there won't be any rain. Today we have so many things to do, first of all we are going to visit - this a promise to Christina - our beloved primrose bakery, i have their books, make their cakes all the time and now it is time to taste the real thing. So after having a strong breakfast at the hotel we are going  to the charming Primrose Hill area to taste their ultra tasty cupcakes with a coffee or tea.
The cupcakes were delicious, the zoo is just 10 minutes from here and is not possible not to visit when you have an 11 years old with you. OK Mr tiger, here we come. The way from Primrose Hill to the Zoo is an amazingly lovely walk, next to the canals and the sun is shinning!!!

We spent 3 hours into the zoo and now we are going to the super fun. super cool, Camden town....still a punk kingdom.

Christina did a lot of shopping, now it is my time to find the vintage shops i am looking for, we are planning to visit Islington and after the walk we will have a - you can call it -  late lunch or early dinner at ottolenghi restaurant, the perfect stop to get some fuels. 

 I think it is time to start going down to the city center, it is a lovely afternoon and we are going to visit the V&A museum for the Italian fashion exhibition, thank God the museum is just a few steps from the hotel, i am soooo tired!

 As you can see there was a party taking place at the entrance of the museum, how cool is that? Hello, you are ivited to my birthday party, it is going to be at the entrance of the Acropolis museum - ha?
Anyway, the Brits are always the Brits and that's why i love them... Time for my gin and tonic at the hotel's bar. Good night. See you tomerrow.

Love, K.

all photos by cocoandsilk