Spring Wish List

Every year while spring's on the way for good, it is like I'm coming up from a deep sleep. Perhaps it is the fact that i was born in April and i feel so much happy and alive every year (no seriously i do!), or maybe it is my sun addiction - i am not really winter friendly - give me a bit of sunshine and a sea view and that's it....I'm happy. It is also the season i like to renew my wardrobe and buy stuff it is most likely to wear till late September. Unfortunately i end up most of the times buying things for my work or home, looks like clothing can be enough but candles, cushions, cook and design books are never enough I'm  telling you! The good news is these days anyone can make a purchase and a good research from the internet - i am a seriously internet shopper, i do prefer to do my shopping from home and having them at my door (oh joy!!!).
Anyway, i did my wish list for spring and i hope to make it happen sooner or later, otherwise i will change it to a summer list. 
And the winners ladies and gentlemen are:

1.coming from topshop.com, 2.coming from zara.com, 3.coming from zara.com

4.coming from massimo duty.com, 5.coming from topshop.com, 6.coming from massimo duty.com

and some more

kabuki brush topshop.com, blouse and trousers h&m.com and my favorite pendant from my good friend Penelope -'π kosmima' (I'm a huge fun of her work)-koolfly.com 

Have a wonderful day doing your shopping...
Love, K.