What kind of Kitchen are you?

One of the most important rooms of every house i believe it is the kitchen. With as many choices as never, a kitchen these days can be open plan, industrial, modern, country, strong colored, sleek surface, vintage, eclectic, minimalist, rustic, ethnic.....never ends i guess.
While i was having a hard time to pick my own while designing my house, (one of the pleasures when you were an engineer in a previous life), i was trying to do something that would be functional but with a style and something that would not make me hate myself in the next two years. I remember fighting with my partner about the kitchen floor - i wanted wood, he preferred tile and it proved so wrong that we put tile finally and i still hate it...or him?
Anyway, it's been too many years since then and the kitchen industry has come a long way, nowadays any material can be fitted in a kitchen, wooden floors, glass surfaces, eccentric colors, even works of art can be displayed in there. Everything is allowed cause a cook has to be happy to prepare food, right? With all these choices, what is really your style?

Love, K.

 ....and if i was to redesign my kitchen the winner would be this one
wooden floor my dear...

photos via housetohome.co.uk