H&M Home Spring List

H&M home is about to open the doors in Thessaloniki. I can't say i am not feeling jealous for all of you lucky guys who live there and  you can have another amazing home store just next to your feet!
In the meantime i made my research - i suppose they are going to open a second one here in Athens also - but till then i have two options: one, pay a visit to my home town, which i am going to do during summer holidays anyway, or , order online.Unless i am going to beg my mum do the shopping for me...i guess it is an option also...maybe not the best as our taste is totally different. 
If you are about to have a trip to the north you can do some home shopping as well....do let me know though....

Love, K.

for my living room

for the kitchen

for Cristina's room

for the bathroom

for my bedroom

and the glorious summer days and nights outside
OK, I'm going to call mum....

photos via hm.com/HOME