Make my Friday, Childern Parties

I love 'homemade' children parties, you know, the ones where the cake does not look perfect and professionally made, where people are having a beer or a glass of wine while little children are running  and playing and although sometimes the noise can be bothering ,(i have a child also), i still prefer the home option, at least till the age the child decides he (she) does not wish YOU to be part of the fun (aka teens!!!).

Probably most of you are living in apartment places where space is an issue - I can tell you this - but with a little of good spirit and some clever ideas you can organize a sweet and homey party, tailor made for your hero....I do admit that before some years i was so stressed to make it all look perfect, which meant at the end of the party i was so exhausted i had to retreat myself to those wonderful Mexican resorts - joking... never happened, or my partner would have to join the Ocean 13 fellowship... 

A very good idea is to organize your  party using a local park, the space is unlimited and it can be a perfect children - adult picnic, weather permitted. I had been invited even during winter into parks and nobody seemed to be bothered. No matter the place the most important of all is to enjoy every single moment of the party and don't forget to have endless photos to keep the memory fresh forever.    

Love, K.

     photo credit fetepress.com.au