Make my Friday, Call me miss Pink(y)

Before i had my daughter, pink was not an option for me. I spent my early youth deep into dark colors such as black, dark grey, black, dark blue, black....get the point...? When i got pregnant and told i was expecting a girl...something strange happened between me and pink...suddenly i found myself with tones of pink baby clothing and accessories, had her room painted in this color, and never stopped buying pink stuff for her, till one day she put an end to it.  Anyway, my love for pink lived and thrived ever since.It is a color i mostly use into my kitchen now, having vintage plates, table covers, glass, photo frames etc, in multiple shades.

I like pink because it matches so nice with yellow, and grey, and soft blue, and white and pale green, and orange, and cream, and ....name it, it matches with everything. I would not make my whole house look like a candy shop, but touches of pink here and there are very wellcome.

If you are a pink story teller do let me know. In the meantime here are some options i like and i hope you will like them also...

Have a wonderful weekend,

Love, K.

photos via Amara