Make My Friday, Coco Sends Me To Salonica

It was such a nice morning and i had to get up very early to catch the plane to Thessaloniki (or Salonica as we like  to call), in order to meet a future partner of cocoandsilk.com .
I had an extremely good feeling and i was super happy i was visiting  my home town! Although my schedule was very tight it was impossible not to make a small walk around the city center and enjoy the fresh morning sun. My appointment went very good and we even had the pleasure of a  - not so light - very late lunch in one of the countless small restaurants. After that i could not avoid to visit H&M home, i bought an amazing candle and some table serving plates and they drove me back to the airport just in time not to miss my return flight. It was a wonderful day and i am glad i have already arranged to spend half of my Christmas vacation in Salonica.
See you on Monday.
Have a most beautiful weekend and take care of yourself.
Love, K.

photos by cocoandsilk