Heels vs Comfort

I love, love, love heels....
A few years ago i used to wear killer heels all the time, no matter the distance i had to walk, the job i had to do, day or night, hot or cold... i think you got the point. Athens is not the easiest place to wear high heels, the roads are death traps - broken cement and dog poop almost everywhere, not so good public transportation and a city with so many small hills and slippery roads are enough reasons to make you decide to wear flats...not me...not then. The truth is, there is nothing as elegant as a nice pair of heels, but once i wore my first pair of flats some ....two years ago ....i made a contract with myself...flats during the day, heels during the night. So, even though i adore my Louboutins i find more attractive the idea of wearing a simple Converse and run the streets easily!

What do you vote?

Love, K.

photos via here and here