Make My Friday, My North Light Love

It is not unusual for me to fell in love with a place - not that i do not fell in love with people....but you know... when i saw this magical place, it was love of first sight.

During theses days i work hard to start my  new job - career (?) - so it is kind of a healing process to have some free time late at night to look at all my - oh! so - favorite design blogs and let my spirit get some rest and my soul feel the happiness that these pictures are giving me, yes, exactly like this. And perhaps you could  ask why i don't focus to this passion of mine, this love about interior design and do something really serious about it, like a business for ex. Well, i don't quite know, maybe it is not the time yet, for now i keep busy with other stuff and i have too many hats on my head, not easy to put another one on.

Anyway, no more blah - blah , just enjoy this truly beautiful space, every time i find such a place i want to grab a brush and just paint everything in my house black and white and grey...oh yes, i forgot, i still keep that renovation project in mind.... maybe in spring or... sooner...

Take care of yourself

Love, K.

photo credit stadshem.se