Monday Reading

               Hello there and happy November!
It has been too long since i wrote a word about  what i like  to do when i have free time and this is reading together with listening to my favorite music.
Winter is coming slowly and i am thinking about my 'gift book' lists, it feels so wonderful to give the right book to the right person....and by this i am telling you, i am included into these  lists, oh yes!
I don't know about you but for some reason i seem to read a lot more during winter months than during summer, perhaps the Greek summer it is more about sea and sun...i don't know... Anyway, this weekend i did a small research and i found some pretty interesting books and till Christmas time will arrive, i can see this list becoming bigger and bigger.
Have you all a wonderful weekend!
Love, K.

Cook books make me happy, this one from amazon.co.uk, same with central pic

books available from thamesandhudson.com
And of course endless choices of classic literature that gives me the one way ticket to dreaming, travelling through time, escaping and it goes on....