Winter Winter, Where Are You?

Hi there! If you are living in Greece you must probably know that this year we are having a loooong spring instead of winter. I am not the kind of person who is seeking for heavy cold, i do not wear socks and boots easily, in fact i walk barefoot most time of the year but... come on! 22 deg C in mid November is kind of irritating!
Of course being able to sit outside this time of year is so pleasant and i do not like to sound like mean mommy but hey! i want some winter at last! My daughter is dreaming of her Christmas birthday party and i am still in my summer t-shirts, drinking bear or cold white wine during Saturday night and even i so deeply love summer, it is the first time in my life i am looking for some chill, a crisp cold night, the smell of the fire and wood, the warmness of a winter soup, a lazy Sunday morning under my covers, i miss to smell deep and  feel the cold clean air running through my body, i admit it , i am ashamed, i miss winter....even a small, a very small one!

What about you, do you think I'm wrong?

Have a lovely, lovely day,