The City Is My Lover

Last week i was so stressed and tired i just felt i had to do something. And when alarm bells are ringing, i always step back a little instead of run faster....It was then i decided i needed to brake the day's schedule and have a walk around my beloved city.
You know, Athens is not considered to be a beautiful city and maybe this has some true...but for me this place is unique and i deeply love to live here.
I walked for two hours into the heart of the city and had some 'raw' pictures, you can also see here, no filters, no Photoshop, nothing fake, just the city and me... I did not even followed the central roads with the well dressed people, i just let the Athenian light do the job and the people, the cars, the small details speak for the city. After all we know each other pretty many years -Athens and me - so no need to pretend we are something more than we are....something different....something fancy...and you know what? I came back full of energy and positive feelings, i worked for many hours and felt so creative! This city is definitely my all time lover!

Have a wonderful day.
Love, K.

Dedicated to Athens

photos by cocoandsilk