Ouur Collection

I always loved natural, human friendly fabrics. You know like silk, cotton, linen, these fabrics that are so wonderful to touch and feel...

Likely more and more fashion brands and fabric industries are beginning to realize that people are getting tired with all these synthetic and chemical thing and all the blah-blah about the use of toxic ingredients for coloring fabrics.It is so nice then that many 'small' labels like this one - ouur collection - are trying to create a more clean and human friendly profile by using natural fabrics and creating a range of products that have a different aesthetic.

Perhaps it is time to rethink the way we choose our clothes, what to look at and what to look for...or even what to try avoid.
Personally, i find the style of ouur collection totally irresistible and i truly love it, whether it is the clothing or the home collection. What do you think?

Love, K.

all photos via here