Inspiration Is Everywhere....Well ....Almost

I guess we all are trying to be inspired in our everyday lives or to create things that may inspire other people and again ourselves. Searching or looking for inspiration to many of us comes really easy, some people are naturals while others are having a hard time to discover a source, a sparkle. Ever since i remember myself i was always amazed by people who had it so easy to create something unique from nothing, people who had the inspirational spirit inside them and could create just from scratch. After years of work it's easy to realize that inspiration really comes from everywhere, a person, a place, a picture, even a song, a movie, a smile, nature...everything! I guess we are all creative creatures, some of us just did not had the chance to work on it. Sometimes i like to watch very young children and how dramatically creative they are, just because their spirit - mind is free from limitations we as adults put to ourselves. And also because they still have a purity and trust their inner feelings. I mean, sometimes all we have to do is let our hand drive us to the right direction and not our mind,  this i heard for the first time from an amazing lady, Dietlind Wolf who explained to us: ''everytime i'm having a hard time to create or i don't know where to go exactly, i let my hands to do the work and guide me. Hands are not as quick as the mind is, thus i may go slower but i always find the correct road and when i look back i can see i was in the right path!'' .

Have a wonderful day
Love, K.

 source theurbnite.com

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main photo via starwill.tumblr.com