Make My Friday - Summer Planning And A Bit Of Shopping

This year i am so looking forward for our summer vacation. Maybe that's because i have been under heavy pressure (still i am), i have literally changed my whole routine and started all over again, which may sound very refreshing but it is also the source of an enormous amount of stress.
Aside from this, i love summer, i can't live without the sun and the sea and the beautiful beaches of the Greek islands. If it was up to me, i think i would choose to spend my summer days in a tiny and peaceful island of the Greek territory, just sit all day next to the beach and go for some sleep, yep that's all I'm looking for, OK and a WiFi connection....
Of course, there is no meaning for me to buy summer clothes - i have the whole cocoandsilk collection hanging in my closet, (soon it will be available on line), but i have chosen some really nice accessories that i would be very pleased if i could  afford - not so possible, starting a business from scratch cost me a lot of money - perhaps i can decide between one or two things and this won't kill me i guess, and my bank account neither.
What about your summer?  Is it too early for you to make plans or are you an early planner like me?

Have a wonderful weekend!
Love, K.

 items via massimodutti.com

items via zara.com

items via anthropologie.eu

main photo by cocoandsilk