Creating The Right Work Environment

Hi there, how did you spend your weekend? Was it a cool one or not so restful?
For me it was pretty peaceful, considering the fact that i am so close to the final date of the cocoandsilk.com project, the clothes that are almost ready and the countless things i still have to arrange like photography, videos, shipping methods, packaging and all, yes, it was peaceful enough, thank God!
Aside from the summer line that is ready i have started to work on the winter 15/16 collection and this means i need all the inspiration nature can give, so what do i do when i have to solve a million technical details - not the most inspiring thing on earth -  and by the same time work on something that needs the biggest creativity? I'll tell you what i do, i try to create the most calm, peaceful and inspiring environment i can have. 
I started with a day spent throwing away all the unnecessary paper stuff from my office and everything i had kept but did not seem to use or had a specific idea how to use it, created an archive for my summer collection and collected all the sketches together, put all the fabrics in one place and after i released the space from all the craziness of the previous months and made it feel airy and fresh,....i bought flowers, lots of them!  A new mood board is also in development and this feels so nice, i had really got bored with the old one!
Believe me, it is like working in a new place, very uplifting! My only problem....same as always...time...no matter what trick i use, this fellow is too hard to handle, i am a pure disaster to this! Perhaps you can send me a hard schedule i can follow and see a result, i wish!

See you on Wednesday, have a wonderful new week!
Love, K.

images by cocoandsilk