Changing A Career - Part II

One of the biggest challenges i had (and still have) to deal with, was my own doubts. How could i really work on something completely new, if i was going to be good at it, how people were going to react, what my friends and family were going to say, how was i supposed to deal with my finance (my bank account was not that big), how could i prevent myself from making fatal mistakes and millions of thoughts that still keep me from having a light sleep! The answer is ... there is really no answer, i just have to push myself and move on, call to arms all of my courage, try to be as positive and optimistic as i can, talk about my deepest fears with my best friends and finally ... take the risk and do it!
When you build your own brand it is important to have a very clear vision of what exactly you are trying to say with your work, this helps you to take decisions and keeps the road clear. For example, I know i like things to be minimal and  simple and pure so i could not have chosen something ultra decorative for my packaging, instead i went for a more plain option. I knew what to ask for from my photographer and together we managed to find a common language.
Keeping things low-key helps me to be focused on what i want to do and to make my partners follow the vision, also it is important to be straight with people, you can not be good with everyone but you can be honest and this makes things much easier. I had a hard time in the very first months when i hired people to help me and this turned out to be a total disaster! Maybe I was not sure of how to handle this new situation , maybe they weren't the right people, and not everyone came with the best of intentions, so sometimes you have to take hard decisions and move on.

Now i am very close to the final result, the summer collection is ready, the photoshoot is for today ( yey!!! can you believe it?) , while i have already started on working  my winter collection (and I'm totally in love with it). It is a long road full of stress and hard work but there is nothing more beautiful than creating something from the very beginning and make it finally happen!

Still, no one can guaranty that everything will go fine and the risk is big, but at least i have managed to walk till the final step and this makes me feel stronger and a little more confident to myself.

Have a great day!
Love, K.

images via pinterest.com/cocoandsilk