Make My Friday - The photoshoot

Two days ago i had the most exciting time of the year! 
It was the day we made the photoshoot for the cocoandsilk.com summer collection. All the hard work of the previous months, finally came together!
I was so very lucky to work with an amazing photographer Mr Fotis Karapiperis and Studio Verve, he is super professional and a great person, so kind and helpful, he really made the whole process look like a piece of cake, helping us to stay cool and work with no stress, and boy i had a lots of it! Also the studio was an incredible place, i believe i could just live there for the next years, clear lines, minimal style, loft kind aesthetic and dimensions, it had everything i love in a work - home place! 
And, you can check the wonderful work of Mr Karapiperis here, here , and here .

For me it was kind of surreal to realize that i finally made it to come to an end, to see my entire collection be ready and wearable. It was rewarding, it was a feeling that gave me stength to move on and keep on working with the same passion and dedication. Maybe sometimes crazy dreams do come true!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Love, K.

P.s there is no photoshop or anything like that, the pics are taken with my mobile while working so forgive me if the analysis is not that good.

images by cocoandsilk