Love Made Of Concrete

Concrete is a decent material. It is easy to work with and it can be used outside or inside a building as well. I always believed  i could use concrete to make a house work with no additional furniture, use it to create a table, a bed or a couch, i love the simple, clean and minimal lines you can construct with it and the grey-white to blue-grey shades one can achieve, depending the mixture. Of course due to its gravity it is not advisable to do this if you live in an apartment, but you can still use it in small surfaces like a kitchen worktop or in the bathroom, to create a sleek and glossy finish.
The ideas are countless and personally I'm having a hard time to decide cause i like so many of them. Looks like, it may be the fashion field where i stand right now, but architecture and interiors are my all time lovers.

Have a wonderful new week!
Love, K.

images via .insideout.com.au