Changing A Career - Part I

When i decided to change career almost a year ago, i could not imagine the adventure i was getting into.
I always had my eye on fashion, as a child i used to watch my mother create her own clothes, as a teenager i was reading fashion magazines all the time and later when i had my own job i used to spend a major amount of my money on buying clothes. 
Of course, it is a different matter to watch fashion through the glossy magazines or the fancy boutiques from working and living the whole process as it is, and boy it is tough, fashion is tough! 

For me the easier part was the creative one, designing my own collection came out like something natural. I already had a clear vision of what i wanted to create and this was beautiful everyday clothing with a long lasting aesthetic, good quality fabric, classy with a female appeal.  Discovering a good fabric supplier was very important and finally i had to decide about the production. Somehow it seemed to be much easier to complete my small production outside Greece, but i was determined to work local, first i wanted to be in control of everything and secondly it was important for me to know all the people i was working with, and by 'know' i mean to build a relation based on confidence and common interest.

Working on something for the first time is quite frightening, i had a million things to think about, i traveled many kilometers visiting fabric exhibitions and spent endless hours into huge dusty spaces trying to choose my fabrics, worked many painful hours changing the patterns again and again and creating samples that i had to pay and throw away cause they weren't what i had been expected. Aside from the creative half there is also the business part that is equally important. I had to think all the technical details of the production and the new online shop. 
Again, it is very important to trust your graphic designer and most of all your web designer. I am so lucky to have one of my closest friends work for my site!

Stay tuned...have a great new week!
Love, K.

images via pinterest