Make My Friday - Through The Eyes Of A Foreigner

Two days ago i gave myself a small brake from work. It wasn't really such a big deal, only a couple of hours just to clear my head from all the dirty stuff. 
Wandering around Athens with my photo-camera - i am not a good photographer and most probably i will never be one - is one of the most detoxing things i can do. Other people are doing yoga classes or meditation, my meditation is to walk with no obvious reason and take pictures, simple impulsive photos, nothing to count, just shoot.
So, my idea was to act like a tourist, a foreigner this time, i mean where would i go if i was visiting Athens for the first time? How Athens would be like in my own eyes? Not easy to know, i guess every person would have a different answer but that was a kind of game. Needless to say how intoxicating this was and how nice it felt to spend a few hours just with myself and a camera.

I wish you an amazing weekend!

Love, K.

photos by cocoandsilk