Jim Jarmusch

Hello, have a lovely day!

Yesterday after i had a pretty tough day i decided to choose a favorite movie and enjoy a couple of detoxing hours. And from all the films i have collected over the years i realized it is Jim Jarmusch's films that i like to watch again and again, cause every time i feel the same joy and excitement like the first time i watched them. Jarmusch is placed in his very own category as an artist, there is no way to confuse him with anyone else! His films are having such a remarkable aesthetic, different from every other film we have seen. His heroes are in fact anti heroes, people who live their own lives in their own unconventional universe. Actually, every film is unconventional, he can make you smile or lough the moment your eyes are getting wet. In his stories there is something that is always obvious, but never been told, something fragile and kind and outstanding but with no voice!

Another fact is that Jarmusch loves music, so he always creates amazing soundtracks with his films. His work is a true source of inspiration for me and he-himself one of the most talented and inspiring artists i have ever known.

images via .jim-jarmusch.net