Carnations and Sweet Peas

When i was a child i was living in a beautiful neighbourhood, not very close to the city center.
It was actually an area with working class people, small houses with gardens full of sweet peas.
Every spring the air was smelling of their heavenly aroma, especially early in the morning...
 Also, we could not afford to create a fancy garden so carnations (in all shades of pink) together with sweet peas were the most common flowers around.

For many years, carnations were having an appearance  mostly in funerals and also as the 'night flower' of  the worst kind of music entertainment in Greece, aka 'bouzoukia'...

I don't know if this has to do with my memories as a child but this spring i am going to plant these flowers everywhere in my balcony. Although we hardly had a winter this year in Athens, i can't wait to see the first tender green fragile plants coming out of  soil. I am dreaming of cool but shiny spring mornings when i will smell their amazing scent as soon as i wake up...
If you love flowers and have photos from your garden or your balcony, i would be happy to see them.

Love, K.

 photos via mymariamargarita.blogspot.com, birthdaygems.org, theflowersavenue.org, selectseeds.com, fineartamerica.com, sweetpea-seed.com, sunset.com