...and Did it My Way

I know sometimes i get very emotional but lately i have been thinking so much of all the  songs  i loved in my life, and i still do and they sure mean something to me.

One of these songs it is Frank Sinatra's ''My Way'', i love the words and the music and the performance and most of all the meaning of it.

I am not the easiest person, i have strong ideas about how i want things to be and a very clear vision of the way i want to live my life, like many of you i am sure. Over the years I've learned it is better to speak with a clear voice and express your opinions even sometimes this may cost a job or a friend or trouble...But then again, how can you keep on walking to this magnificent road of life if you are not honest to yourself and to the people around you, if you do not fight for your principals and for your dreams, because no matter the result it is always a great effort to walk ....your way.
So, this post is dedicated to all of you my loved ones who are not heroes - and we don't even like to be ones - but definitely smile a bit when we are listening to this amazing song...


Love, K.