One Step Beyond

As you may have noticed i am not posting daily anymore. That's because i have so many things to deal with lately, i have to close all the cases from my previous job - after 24 years, which i suppose will take up to six months, study a little for my Spanish lessons, working on the blog (so many things to learn), and trying to set up my new business, which i am afraid it will have to take a whole year.

This blog came out as a need to communicate and share with you, and it is something i had been thinking about many-many years before and i honestly regret for not doing it. Still i am not sure about the kind of blog i want it to be, it is more a free space of sharing thoughts and ideas. It is difficult to imagine myself posting about fashion - only, about home styling - only,  or about food - only, life is so many things...therefore let's just call it a non categorized blog.

To be in a transition in your life sometimes feels like you walk on quicksand but it can also be a creative period full of pleasant surprises, so lets hope my friends i will manage to achieve some of my future targets and to finish with the past, even though the future sometimes seems a bit foggy at the moment!

May you all have a wonderful day

Love, K.